JN Corporate Profile

jn logoThe Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) is the largest building society in the Caribbean and the third largest financial institution in Jamaica. As a mutual organization, it offers value for membership through a competitive range of financial services such as savings, mortgage loans, and international money transfer, as well as other services directly and through its subsidiaries.

Its more than 140 years of prudent management and steady growth has led the Society to become a multinational entity; and one of the ten most recognized Jamaican brands worldwide, with an extensive network of locations in Jamaica, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America. The Society facilitates the promotion of a national development agenda locally and overseas; and demonstrates its corporate social responsibility through the activities of the JNBS Foundation, which supports community development and rural regeneration.

The parent of a diverse group, JNBS has 19 subsidiaries across several countries, including JN Small Business Loans Ltd., Management Control Systems Limited, Manufacturers Credit and Information Systems Limited, JN Fund Managers Ltd, JN Life Insurance, JN Money Services Ltd., JN General Insurance Company (Ja.) Ltd., Jamaica Automobile Association and the National Building Society of Cayman. Together, they provide unparalleled service and benefits to members and customers in the areas of banking and finance, general insurance, information technology solutions, as well as automobile and creative services.
February 2015

Our Vision

"The ICAJ is committed to being a cohesive national body of trusted and influential professionals, that seeks to regulate and advance the Accountancy profession, consistent with world standards, for the benefit of its members, its students and its publics and, through creative thought leadership, encourages national development and the advancement of positive global changes".