Public Sector Committee

The primary aim of the Public Sector Committee is to maintain a high level of co-operation between the Institute and the Government of Jamaica. Specifically, the Committee is required to: Collaborate with the Institute in ensuring that the accounting, auditing and financial reporting needs of central and local government, and all public bodies are appropriately addressed within the context of our globalised economy. Promote and encourage acceptance of systems, and compliance with standards that allow for higher levels of transparency and accountability in the public sector financial and other reporting. Formulate exchange programmes with central government, e.g. Internal Audit Systems. 

In keeping with our primary objectives, the Committee is collaborating with a number of institutions and private/public sector organisations on a number of matters including the following

Provide Certification in Accounting for Public Sector Workers

  1. Discussions in progress with the Management Institute for National Development (MIND) to improve /update the current Government Accounting Training Program to include Cash Basis IPSAS 
  2. Liaising with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to provide a face-to-face delivery of their Certificate in IPSAS (CertIPSAS) course in Jamaica.

Provide Facilities/On-the-job Training for Internal Auditors in the Public Sector

  1. Developed a MOU with Private Audit Firms and Executive Agencies to accommodate Internal Auditors from Ministries and Departments on an Internship Program. The first cohort commenced their internship on April 3, 2017.

Liaising with Employers in the Public Sector to provide support to Professional Accountants and Accounting Students in their employment. Employers are being encouraged to:

  1. Assist with the payment of registration and annual subscription fees
  2. Provide (or facilitate) relevant training for Staff
  3. Allow time-off (other than regular vacation/departmental leave) to enable Staff to attend seminars and exams when necessary.

Committee Members:

Janet Plummer photo 2
Janet Morrison-Plummer (Mrs)

  • Sheila Wong (Mrs) (Vice)
  • Allan Campbell
  • Ann Marie Cummings (Miss)
  • Berome Edwards
  • Trecia Elliott (Mrs)
  • Jason Gordon
  • Marcia Hamilton (Miss)
  • Hillet Martin-McFarlane
  • Marlon McAdam
  • Aretha McFarlane (Ms)
  • Jason McPherson
  • Karlene McRae (Ms)
  • Raquel Miller-Henry (Mrs)
  • Nicola Reid (Miss)
  • Ann Marie Rhoden (Mrs)
  • Elaine Walters (Miss)
  • Hyacinth Williams (Miss)

Our Vision

"The ICAJ is committed to being a cohesive national body of trusted and influential professionals, that seeks to regulate and advance the Accountancy profession, consistent with world standards, for the benefit of its members, its students and its publics and, through creative thought leadership, encourages national development and the advancement of positive global changes".