Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is set up to actively encourage membership amongst eligible persons. It also secures the maintenance of a register of members and a publication of members. In the case of members who have been excluded from membership for disciplinary reasons, it is the Membership Committee that will make re admission recommendations to Council.

The Membership Committee also makes recommendations to Council on granting membership and fellowship, granting membership to members of other bodies, membership removal from the register, the suspension or waiver of members' subscriptions, and the re-admission of former members.

Committee Members:

Marlene McIntosh photo 2
Ms. Marlene McIntosh

  • Elaine Walters (Miss) - Vice
  • Wilfred Bailey
  • Sandra Barnett (Mrs)
  • Atasha Bernard (Miss)
  • Peta-Gaye Gaye Bartley (Miss)
  • Zenobia Taylor (Mrs)
  • Lennox Turner
  • Raphael Gordon
  • Marsha Melhado-Beersingh (Mrs)
  • Ouida Nesbeth-Dunn (Mrs)
  • Kenneth Wilson
  • Elaine Robinson (Mrs)

Our Vision

"The ICAJ is committed to being a cohesive national body of trusted and influential professionals, that seeks to regulate and advance the Accountancy profession, consistent with world standards, for the benefit of its members, its students and its publics and, through creative thought leadership, encourages national development and the advancement of positive global changes".