The ICAJ Coat of Arms


The Coat of Arms was chosen as the Institute's logo after much deliberation for over two years (1965 – 1966). The Coat of Arms consists of a Shield surmounted by a Crest. Beneath, the motto of the Institute was inscribed in a scroll. The Crest, which is symbolic of Jamaica, is a crocodile on a piece of log.

The shield is divided into two sections: the upper contains three pineapples - depicting the accountancy bodies, the Association of Accountants of Jamaica Inc., the District Society of the Association of Certified Accountants and the Society of Chartered Accountants in Jamaica, which merged to form the corporate body, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica. The other section is occupied by an open book and quill pen, which signifies the requirements of the profession.

...incorporates the Jamaican National colours - black, green and gold

The scroll has inscribed in Latin "Vere et Digne"; interpreted to mean "Truly andFairly", a motto which auditors will agree is very prudent.

The patriotism of the members of this illustrious body was never in question. Its members recognized the importance of country acknowledgment. Therefore, in fulfilment of this recognition, the logo incorporates the Jamaican National colours - black, green and gold.

Our Vision

"The ICAJ is committed to being a cohesive national body of trusted and influential professionals, that seeks to regulate and advance the Accountancy profession, consistent with world standards, for the benefit of its members, its students and its publics and, through creative thought leadership, encourages national development and the advancement of positive global changes".